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Wind can be sold simply and affordably to grid operators for a price that can be held steady for 20 to 30 years. It comes and goes during the day, but long haul, it predictable. That makes it an appealing addition to the electricity grid, even for crusty guys in suits that run Public Utility Commissions.

Toyota’s put a fresh new face on their smallest offering, and by «fresh,» I of course mean «scary.» Yikes, that’s one aggressive looking little eco pod! So, is the machine behind the fright mask still packing the essentials, or is there something more sinister going on here?Well that’s certainly a unique take up front. No one could accuse Toyota’s design department of being afraid to take a risk or two. What once was a tad on the bland side now looks like a cross between a tiki mask and a Mexican wrestler..

«It’s not that expensive in Richmond; it’s really cheap and I have a budget of $2 million. I started looking two weeks ago.»When the News caught up with Ottawa born Jiang Wednesday, she was in the act of viewing properties cheap jerseys from china in Steveston, ahead of Thursday’s River Rock Theatre launch of the show, which follows the extravagant lives of four young Asian women, living off their wealthy families in the Vancouver area.»It’s all about the entertainment,» Jiang said of the show, a promo video of which has attracted more than 300,000 hits on YouTube and more than 2.8 million hits in China.»(Going into TV) is part of my path, but not all of it; it’s not going to be my whole career.»Getting into fashion and running my own business is where my goals are at.»Jiang, who was driving a Lamborghini earlier this year, but now drives a Range Rover, cheap jerseys said she’s developing her own fashion business right now, funded by her parents, who are real estate developers in Regina.»My parents are helping me financially, but it’s me who’s making the decisions.»Visits to thrift store, Buck unlikelyJiang left Ottawa at age seven to attend school in Beijing. She moved back to Ottawa when she was 14 and came to Vancouver at 18 to study math at UBC.Jiang currently lives wholesale nba jerseys in a luxury condo on Marine Drive near UBC the same building, she says, that Premier Christy Clark called home until a couple of years ago.In case you’re wondering, you’re unlikely to find Jiang shopping at the local thrift store, with appearances more likely at Leone and Holt Renfrew in Downtown Vancouver.It’s doubtful you’ll also see her in the Buck Ear in Steveston, with Yaletown her «hang out» of choice with friends.Asked if there are comparisons to fellow reality TV show The Real Wholesale Jerseys Housewives of Vancouver, Jiang said she’s not a fan, although she does like the Beverley Hills version of the series.She wouldn’t say why.

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