Civil society organizations

Civil society organizations asserted that the aggressive push of Europe to ensure access to raw materials such as minerals and fossil fuels continue to impact on IPs who live in ancestral lands that are rich sources of minerals and coal. They cited the case of Borneo in Indonesia, where the coal mines are extracting 200 million tons every year. At least 10 percent of this coal is exported to Europe.

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Says Sushil Pandit, CEO of The Hive, a Delhi based advertising agency that handles the Archies account, «We create ideas compatible to technology. To use a locomotive you need not own one.» Adds Sujit Sanyal, of Imagine!, Delhi, which handles the Jain TV account, among others, «The basic software is the brain, and a wonderful understanding of the ethos of the Indian consumer.»And that consumer is not confined to the city alone. With more than 70 percent of the country still rural, the number of low technology consumers is huge, and clients would have to take resource to the traditional media to target this section.

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